Products inspired by my Mom.

I first started exploring leather back in 1977.  The first items I experimented with became gifts for my parents.  My Mother was a bird watcher.  A bird feeder was attached to the  large picture window in our dining room.  Every new bird  was marked in her bird book – the date seen and where.Inspirations

   My Mother has now passed on, so that bird book has become a cherished item of mine.  I now add to it when I see new birds.


When I was 6 my parents purchased a summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee and I fell in love with loons. My mom’s love of birds inspired me to start carving them as subjects and they still adorn some of my most popular items today. Below are some of the first Bird items I made as gifts for my   A Desk Organizer with 3 different Birds and a Loon Clock.  I still have both.

Some of my first hand tooled and painted birds.
Mom’s Inspirations

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    Wow. Your work is so wonderful! What a great way to grow up and also find what you love to do at such a young age!

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