Products Inspired by my Dad at Log Cabin Leather by Jan

My dad was my biggest supporter.    He was the editor and publisher for Northeastern University in Boston for many years.  He loved people.  He was a great salesman.   He loved to go to shows with me.  He would go camping with me during the shows, sleeping on the hard ground in his 70’s and he never complained.  I’m in my 50’s now and cannot handle the hard ground.  He never once  complained. I wish my father was still around to help me write these blogs and newsletters.  I lost him at the age of 92, in 2007.

My father  loved the hand stamped  belts I made.  He had belts of all kinds and widths.

Tandy Leather Stamps
Most of the stamping tools shown here came from Tandy Leather. I still have an use my original set of seven.


Dad's Belts
Top belt was my first attempt at hand tooling a belt. Made 1977. Loon belt 1979. Third hand stamped 1982. Bottom 1990.

My first carved belts were for him.  They are shown above.  I still have them.  Many of my original hand stamped belts were made for him.    He was a fisherman, so my first items with fish were for him.


My father was also a tennis player, so I designed several tennis items for him.  They are shown at the top of this post.

We spent our summers on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.  My whole family fell in love with “Loons”  they are amazing birds.  They are my favorite bird, so they adorn many of my projects. They are still a threatened species.  To find out more about these amazing birds visit the Loon Preservation Committee site.

refillable leather journal cover loon reflections


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Below are some items inspired by my Dad.

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