How I create my Hand Carved pictures.

There are many ways a design can be put on leather.  It is an amazing material.  The most suitable leather for carving is oak or vegetable tanned leather.  When water is applied leather can be molded, formed and carved.  A wood carver chips away pieces from the original form to create the art.  When carving leather the leather is molded to create the dimension.  Part of the design is cut in with a swivel knife, then tools are walked along the cut  and uncut lines while being tapped with a mallet,  to complete the forms.  The picture is carved from front to back.  I cut and carve more details in the background as a work. Many different tools are used to create the trees and other effects.

Hand tooling leather demo
Log Cabin Leather by Jan Carving demo
Tracing tool
Tracing tool used to transfer pattern and draw scenery.
A swivel knife is used to make the cuts in the leather. The outer two pictures have been cut. The center picture has been partially cut.
I have begun the tooling on the rocks. The beveler is walked along the outlines while being tapped lightly with the mallet. This molds the leather creating the dimentional effect.

Most of my pictures are inspired by the beauty of New Hampshire- it’s majestic rocky mountains, breathtaking lakes, rushing rivers and streams, beautiful foliage and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.  My rainforest, polar, and ocean collections have been inspired by my love of animals and my studies of them as a classroom teacher.  Many of my newest inspirations have come from pictures on Pinterest.

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  2. atkokosplace says:

    You are incredibly talented! My dad would do this work on wallets and purses. You do amazing work and I am happy I fell into your blog! Have a wonderful day! Koko

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