Adding Color to my Stamped Belts

It has been a long time since I have written a blog.  My last was on creating my Hand Stamped designs.  In this I will share some of my coloring techniques.

Once the design is complete I add color.  The color is added randomly to each item.  The same  design can look very different.

The color is added with sharpie markers to the small areas.  I color in the spaces left from the stamped impressions.



I usually color a group of items so I am sure to do them all differently.  Here I am coloring belts.

Once the color is complete, I have to add a dye resist over the light colors and any spaces I want to leave the natural lighter color. I use Super Sheen for this.


Sometimes I have to put a couple of coats on the natural leather.  After the Super Sheen has dried, it is time to dye the project.  This dye resist works best with antique finish paste dyes.  It will work with other antique dyes as well.  It does not work with solid dyes.

The dye is put on heavy so it gets into the stamped impressions.  It is then wiped down.  A final finish coat of Super Sheen is applied.

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