Resources for Crafters

Lately I have been having difficulty coming topics to write about.  Today I thought I would share some info that has helped me to grow my business.  I struggle with social media and promoting my work in general.  I have trouble finding good craft shows and outlets where I can sell my goods.

A magazine I find helpful is called Handmade Business.  The entire magazine is designed to help small craft businesses grow.  It is available free in digital form or the magazine can be purchased or both.  visit

The magazine  introduced me to a website that offers a free tool kit to help craft businesses develop a business plan, advertise, price products, marketing, apply for grants and a lot more.  I just started looking at it today.  It includes a workbook, video, etc.  for more info visit  On the menu click on  Toolkits for Change to find WORKS OF ART.

I have also found some on-line courses thru Udemy that are helpful.  Some are free, some are paid.  I have completed a couple from Allison Wood on social media marketing , blogging, and writing newsletters.  I find Allison easy to understand for someone like me who is not good with computers.  To find out more visit Cartwheel Across the Sky or look for her courses on

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