The Glamour of Leather


Leather is appealing to many different people for many different reasons.  It is very sensual.  It is the sense of smell that is usually the first to be aroused.  There is nothing like that rich aroma, it draws you in.  Pick it up smell it.  To many it brings us back to fond memories of times gone by. When you purchase a product you can savor that smell as often as desired.

And then there’s the feel. Leather is meant to be picked up and handled.  It can feel so soft like butter, rich and smooth.  There are so many textures.  The texture in the carved and stamped designs  makes you want to touch them. Run your fingers over the carving feel the different textures used to create the trees, leaves, fur.

The beautiful one of a kind  scenes or hand stamped original designs appeal to your visual senses as well. Select the one that feels right to you and the design that speaks to you, that  inspires you, just as I am inspired by the beauties of our natural world.  Carry that inspiration wherever you go.

Leather mellows with age only gaining character, unlike most products now  which have expected expiration dates.  My products are built to last and have stood the test of time. I stand behind my products. If you have a problem, let me know. The binder above was my original catalog.  It was my first attempt at lacing.  It was made in 1978.  Although I have changed the name of my business, I still take the catalog to every show I do. Wearing well, aging nicely.  To see more visit

Customer suggestions and ideas have been a big asset in the growth of my product lines.  I am not much of a shopper myself, so I do not always know what is popular.  I incorporate customer input into my new product lines.  I don’t make handbags there are too many talented leatherworkers out there that have that market covered.  I make all kinds of covers : journals, passport, tablet, checkbook, photo, notepad, notebooks; belts; guitar straps; cell phone cases just to name a few…

Customization is always an option, free of charge.  Belts are always custom fit  on the spot.  Dog collars can also be customized and adjusted in length.  Guitar Straps are available with several custom options.

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  1. Kitschy Chic says:

    What is it about leather that seems to have everyone who works with it arrive at the same feeling about it? Is it about being connected? Beautiful work.


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